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Our Church is His Church, the bride of Christ, through fellowship with one another we demonstrate his love for each of us. Why not make it your church too?



Recordings of recent sermons and some home grown songs from WLBC (scroll down for the songs) The sermons are also available as a free podcast on itunes


Service Date
26 Jan am Catch the Wind James 4v13-17 Rev Jon Stannard 19.21 Mb
19 Jan pm Remain in Gethsemane Rev Jon Stannard 24.98 Mb
19 Jan am Come Close to God James 4 v 1-12 Rev Jon Stannard 22.23 Mb
12 Jan am Renewal -- Isaiah 40v31 Rev Jon Stannard 25.72 Mb
05 Jan am A Fresh Start Tony Simmonds 27.82 Mb
29 Dec am What God Has Done For US Peter Hall 31.18 Mb
25 Dec am Presents Rev Jon Stannard 11.09 Mb
24 Dec pm Christingle Rev Jon Stannard 6.82 Mb
22 Dec pm Shepherds Luke2v8-20 Rev Jon Stannard 21.39 Mb
22 Dec am Mary Luke1v26-38 Rev Jon Stannard 23.64 Mb
08 Dec am God's Word Psalm 119v105-112 Rev Jon Stannard 29.49 Mb
01 Dec am Prophets Isaiah 9v1-7 Rev Jon Stannard 26.67 Mb
24 Nov am We are pots from his wheel Jer 18v1-10 & 2Cor4v6-12 Tony Simmonds 28.60 Mb
17 Nov am Wisdom James 3v13 Rev Jon Stannard 21.29 Mb
10 Nov am What is God preparing you for Deut 3 1v1-8 & Deut 3 4v9 Helen Gauntlett 8.36 Mb
03 Nov am Faith & Works James 2 v 14-26 Rev Jon Stannard 28.34 Mb
27 Oct am How do we relate to the world. James 2v1-13 Rev Jon Stannard 6.63 Mb
20 Oct am Harvest Gifts. Isaiah58 & Acts2 Rev Jon Stannard 24.06 Mb
13 Oct am God uses you whereever you are Rev Jon Stannard 16.41 Mb
06 Oct am A disciple of Jesus... Rev Jon Stannard 21.43 Mb
29 Sept am Pray... Rev Paul goodliff 35.20 Mb
22 Sept am Temptation. James1v9-18 Rev Jon Stannard 24.20 Mb
15 Sept am Wisdom. James1v5-8 Rev Jon Stannard 20.34 Mb
08 Sept am What you believe affects how you behave Rev Jon Stannard 27.83 Mb
01 Sept am New Beginnings Ed Jones 19.22 Mb
25 Aug am Faithfulness Rev Jon Stannard 20.89 Mb
18 Aug am Sharing of Encouragement Rev Jon Stannard 31.2 Mb
11 Aug am God Speaks To All Ages Brian Crew 32.7 Mb
04 Aug am Patience Can Be A Positive Thing 2Cor 6v5 & Gal5v22 & Col1v11 Rev Jon Stannard 19.2 Mb
28 Jul am Taming The Tongue James 3v1-11 Rev Jon Stannard 37.55Mb
21 Jul am Forgiveness 1John 4v7-21 Rev Jon Stannard 25.44Mb
14 Jul am Home Before Dark Matt14v22-33 Rev Jim Hamilton 27.7Mb
07 Jul am Forgiveness Matt18v21-35 Rev Jon Stannard 24.63Mb
30 Jun am Be Careful What you Pray for Rev Sheila Martin 34.3Mb
23 Jun am Forgiveness Rev Jon Stannard 21.53Mb
16 Jun am Peter Hall's testimony Peter Hall 7.72Mb
16 Jun am The Running father Rev Jon Stannard 28.42Mb
09 Jun am Peace Rev Ian King 30.04Mb
02 Jun am Forgiveness Rev Jon Stannard 30.8Mb
26 May am Elijah Rev Jon Stannard 35.9Mb
19 May am Pentecost Rev Jon Stannard 29.5Mb
12 May am Joy Rev Jon Stannard 19.20Mb
05 May am Serving Malcolm M'Clellan 39.50Mb
28 Apr am Giving Rev Jon Stannard 34.92Mb
21 Apr am Keep Praying Rev Jon Stannard 24.70Mb
14 Apr am The Ascension Rev Steven Hembery 24.41Mb
07 Apr am Luke24v13-35 Rev Jon Stannard 24.66Mb
31 Mar am Easter Sunday Rev Jon Stannard 18.43Mb
24 Mar am Put down your lulabs John 12 v 12-19 Rev Jon Stannard 27.05Mb
17 Mar am the Last Supper Rev Jon Stannard 26.82Mb
10 Mar am Mothering Sunday Rev Jon Stannard 27.80Mb
10 Mar am Mothering Sunday Reflection Service Rev Jon Stannard 19.64Mb
27 Jan am Vision "Jesus In Our World" Rev Jon Stannard 25.9Mb
24 Feb am Vision "Jesus In Our Community" Rev Jon Stannard 30.2Mb
17 Feb am Vision "Jesus In Our Church" Rev Jon Stannard 27.7Mb
10 Feb am Love Gal5v22 Rev Jon Stannard 15.3Mb
03 Feb am Vision "Jesus In Us" Rev Jon Stannard 30.7Mb
27 Jan am Luke 4v18-21v26-38 Rev Ivan King 25.46Mb
20 Jan am May I Eph4v7-16 Rev Jon Stannard 28.26Mb
13 Jan am May We Eph4v1-16 Rev Jon Stannard 36.87Mb
06 Jan am May You Eph3v14-20 Rev Jon Stannard 26.88Mb
30 Dec am Advent 2012 Wise Men Matt2v1-11 Rev Jon Stannard 20.8Mb
25 Dec am Advent 2012 Christamas Day Jesus Luke2v1-8 Rev Jon Stannard 10.52Mb
24 Decpm Christingle Joseph Matt1v18-24 Rev Jon Stannard 7.28Mb
23 Dec am Advent 2012 Mary Luke1v26-38 Rev Jon Stannard 11.01Mb
16 Dec pm Advent 2012 Angels Rev Jon Stannard 12.47Mb
16 Dec am John The Baptist Jer1v4-10 Rev Jon Stannard 24.14Mb
09 Dec am Bringing Gifts To The Manger Helen Gauntlett 5.59Mb
02 Dec am The Prophets Isiah 40v3-5 Rev Jon Stannard 31.59Mb
25 Nov pm Revelation Rev Jon Stannard 20.8Mb
025 Nov am Be Transformed Eph2v14-22 Rev Jon Stannard 27.9Mb
18 Nov am A Transformed Present Eph2v8-13 Rev Jon Stannard 1.5Mb
11 Nov am A Transformed Past Eph1v15-2v7 Rev Jon Stannard 14.0Mb
04 Nov am A Transformed Future Eph1v3-14 Rev Jon Stannard 26.3Mb
03 Nov pm John 1 Rev Jim Kilpin 22.4Mb
28 Oct am Review and Renew our commitment Grahame Tosh 26.5Mb
21 Oct am Consecration for the new work Tony Simmonds 16.4Mb
14 Oct am Hear the Call Rev Keith Rudman 26.3Mb
07 Oct am Ruth waited quietly for God to Act Rev Sarah Crane 23.5Mb
30 Sept am The Lure of a Treasure Hunt Rev Ivan King 31Mb
30 Sept am Message from Sudan Bishop Elias Taban 16.8Mb
16 Sept am What does communion mean? Malcolm Mclelland 23.6Mb
09 Sept am Forward! into the land of promise Rev Jim Hamilton 27.9Mb
09 Sept am Fruit! Peter Blackhurst 27.3Mb
26 Aug am What do you build your house on? Tony Simmonds 19.51Mb
19 Aug am Palliative Care Grahame Tosh 31.66Mb
05 Aug am The Olympic Legacy Nick Booth 29.07Mb
29 July am Finish The Race Margaret Knight 28.854Mb
22 July pm Dont Squeeze out the holy Spirit Rev Steve Hembry 24.44Mb
08 Jul pm Resisting Temptation Rev Jon Stannard 24.8Mb
08 Jul am Blurred vision Rev Jon Stannard 26.8Mb
24 Jun am Can you trust God? Rev Jim Hamilton 24.4Mb
17 Jun am Failure is never final - with God Rev Jim Hamilton 31.8Mb
10 Jun am Pentecost Tony Simmonds 18.96Mb
03 Jun am On the Threshold of change Rev Jim Hamilton 24.6Mb
27 May am Water into Wine Malcolm MClelland 26.56Mb
13 May am Miracles Elijah and the widow Margaret Knight 34.2Mb
06 May am Water into wine Pete Blackhurst 19.37Mb
29 Apr am Forward with Joshua Rev Jim Hamilton 28.2Mb
22 Apr am I'm ok- You ok? Good, Carry on Rev Jon Stannard 33.8Mb
15 Apr am God is the main character in the Bible Charles Earwicker 38.1Mb
08 Apr am Easter - Better than Christmas! James Ahlquist 14.3Mb
06 Apr am What's good about Good Friday Tony Simmonds 16.8Mb
01 Apr am Palm Sunday - Where are you in the crowd? Bill Park 12.6Mb
25 Mar pm Jesus-02 Rev Jon Stannard 22.8Mb
25 Mar pm Jesus-01 Rev Jon Stannard 21Mb
11 Mar pm Prescence of God-01 Rev Jon Stannard 25.9Mb
25 Mar am Would miracles make you believe? Rev Keith Rudman 34.9Mb
18 Mar pm From one condition to another - Salvation Rev Jon Stannard 27.0Mb
18 Mar pm True Worship Rev Jon Stannard 31.7Mb
18 Mar am Who will make Jesus known if you don't? Malcolm MClelland 21.5Mb
11 Mar pm It is the presence of God that really matters Rev Jon Stannard 25.6Mb
11 Mar am Give yourself some space for God Tony Simmonds 15.2Mb
04 Mar pm God's broken heart: a New Contract Rev Jon Stannard 27.5Mb
04 Mar pm God's promise to us : a peace treaty Rev Jon Stannard 22.46Mb
04 Mar am Joshua, part 2 Rev Jim Hamilton 27.46Mb
26 Feb pm EaglesFlight-02 Rev Jon Stannard 29.6Mb
26 Feb pm EaglesFlight-01 Rev Jon Stannard 26.5Mb
26 Feb am Jesus wants everyone to come to him Malcom MClelland 20.5Mb
19 Feb am Jess's Baptism, Baptism explained Rev Jon Stannard 29.5Mb
12 Feb am Who could you be sharing the Gospel with? NickBooth 22.2Mb
29 Jan am Seek the Lord while he is near Tony Simmonds 17.3Mb
15 Jan am Jesus heals the paralytic Rev Steve Smith 23.6Mb
08 Jan am Let's move forward (Joshua) Rev Jim Hamilton 24Mb
01 Jan am My House will be called a House of Prayer Tony simmonds 12.5Mb
24 Dec pm Christmas Eve Address Jon Stannard 8.6Mb
18 Dec am The True Light Emma Dipper 12.6Mb


A selection of home-grown songs from WLBC -

Heart Soul Strength and Mind
Alan Kerry
The Jesus Prayer
Alan Kerry
All you have for me
Grahame Tosh
You are my brother
Elizabeth Maguire
Calvary's Hero
Alan Kerry (Easter)
Just as the prophecies said
Grahame Tosh (Christmas)
Living for your purpose
Tom M'Clelland

More songs from WLBC can be found at Ackworth Studio Website:



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